About us

Our Story


Our company started with a puppy named Tank1, who was born in December of 2015. Wasting no time, Tank became the center of attention in our household with his comical, mischievous, and clownish personality. Since Christmas was just around the corner, we wanted to drown him in gifts that were tailored to his worth. We began our search for products on the high-end side of the spectrum. We reached out to numerous Frenchie owners after learning there was a huge community on Instagram. What we found were other desperate owners in the same shoes and a scarcity in the market. That was the moment we realized we were onto something big. We created an Instagram account to share Tank and his friends' adorable habits. Within less than a year, we have grown from a handful to more than 100,000 Frenchie-loving followers. 

In mid-2016, three of us friends, reconnected with a goal of building our first luxury brand and company together, The Molo Club.


Our Simple Idea

We wanted to create a high-quality and well-designed luxury brand not just for the Frenchie but for the owner as well—something we, ourselves, would be proud of wearing. We searched and searched but only found brands selling generic items with outrageous price tags. Feeling more passionate about the process than ever, we set out to design our very own high-end products with elegance and a touch of classiness in mind—a product that we can boldly consider luxurious. But it doesn’t stop there. To us, it’s not just about delighting our customers with aesthetically-pleasing products. It’s also about making them feel remarkable as they should and letting the world know their heart has been taken by the best thing in the world, a Frenchie.

After nine months of research, design and development, we are finally able to launch our first product, The TMC Original Bracelet.


Our Future Plans

We have numerous projects in the works and will be finalizing our next product in the coming weeks. We will continue to work with great enthusiasm while creating high-end products with one restructured goal in mindbecoming the top Frenchie brand the world has ever known. So be a part of our journey. Join the club. And let’s see where it takes us. To be continued…


Fun Facts

Our name Molo derived from Molossians, an ancient Greek tribe where French Bulldogs originally descended from. According to Greek mythology, the Molossians were the descendants of Molossus, one of the three sons of Neoptolemus, son of Achilles and Deidamia, hence the reason French Bulldogs were bred to be champions! 

In the 1800s, the French Bulldogs were primarily owned by society ladies. Today, French Bulldogs have become one of the most popular breeds for everyone including A-list celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, The Rock, and many more.

For a daily dose of cuteness, visit our Instagram account @Frenchievids and our brand account @themoloclub. Come say hello, and let us know you were here! 

Name changed for privacy reasons.



Giving Back

We are currently researching local charity organizations to team up with because we believe from the help of our customers, we will be able to gather the funds necessary to help animals in need of food, shelter, and medical treatment.